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Top 3 Men's Dress Watches 2011

Hello, guys, I am a watch. We, a watch family, have a long history. I, on behalf of them, tell stories about the development. A German, vic, made a clock for French emperor. It took him eight years to finish it. Later, he lived in the clock tower inside, because it sometimes didn’t work. So, it was said that the emperor gave him a few coins every day, and kept him here watching the clock. In the 14th century, a traditional clock, my ancestor, was created. In the 16th century, a German, my ancestor, Peter Henlein invented the first pocket replica patek philippe watch that was called Nuremberg Iron Eggs.

The invention of my ancestor voices the advent of new era in replica watches. It is not the Clock Times, and reading time become convenient at that time. People can enjoy the fruit of my family member. In 1886, after the improvement of gear device and escapements, the Swiss designed a cheap pocket watch, my grand –grandfather. So, most people could buy them, and they became necessities in daily life. Switzerland also grasped this advanced tabulation technology, and acted as watch making center in the world more than one century. In 1887, ladies who pursued beauty and fashion had started to wear watches.

Watches with straps, my grandfather, replaced pocket watches, and bracelets play a fixed role. With the advent of the 20th century, great change had taken place in economic. People began to pursue a different and casual life in dress. At the same time, traditional pocket watch couldn’t   meet the demands, and people needed a casual, not so exquisite watch. They are my father. Moreover, this "watch fashion" driven and quickly captured the market. Until now, we, watches family, step up with fashion. I, a member of new generation, will carry on responsibilities and creat a bright future for watches  family.